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We often take our household water supply for granted. We know that with the turn of a handle, clean water will come out of faucets. Your residential plumbing system does two jobs. It brings in fresh water and eliminates dirty water. If you are experiencing a plumbing problem in your Midland, Texas, home, call the plumbing experts at West Texas Plumbing for repairs.

Residential Plumbing Repair Services

A poorly functioning plumbing system is just inconvenient. Clogged pipes slow the removal of dirty water from your home, and broken pipes may allow pollutants to enter the freshwater supply. Leaks, broken pipes, and poor drainage can cause health problems or damage your home and belongings. If you notice leaking pipes, an unusual drop in pressure, or pooling water around fixtures inside or outside your home, call the plumbing experts at West Texas Plumbing immediately. Although leaks may seem minor, they waste water and can cause moisture to build up in flooring or behind tiles or walls.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Some problems, such as burst pipes or clogged toilets, require immediate attention. A malfunctioning gas water heater can explode or catch on fire. A malfunctioning water heater thermostat can allow water to reach temperatures that can burn skin within seconds.

Our technicians are on call 24/7. We guarantee a response to an emergency call within two hours.

Water Filtration Systems and Softeners

Water filters improve the taste of water and remove impurities. Water softeners remove minerals that affect water’s taste, clarity, and purity. The minerals in hard water can affect water pipes and appliances, including washing machines and water heaters. In addition, hard water lowers the effectiveness of cleaning solutions. Our plumbing services include whole-home and point-of-use water filtration and softening solutions.

West Texas Plumbing has served the Midland area since 2020. We operate on the principles of integrity, dependability, and technological excellence. We understand that high-quality work, attention to customer satisfaction, and the ability to solve problems form the basis of a long-term relationship with our customers. We back our work with a one-year guarantee on labor and parts. As a locally owned business, we are attuned to the needs of customers in the Permian Basin.

Our staff includes experienced plumbers with more than 100 years of collective industry service, allowing us to offer services that other plumbing companies cannot. If you have a plumbing problem, call the plumbing experts at West Texas Plumbing.

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