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Leak Detection Services in Andrews, Midland, and Odessa, TX

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Leak detection

Water leaks can wreak havoc in and around your property, but they aren’t always apparent until it’s too late. At West Texas Plumbing, we offer state-of-the-art leak detection services to find leaks fast and fix them before they cause further damage.

Recognize the Signs of a Water Leak

Because pipes and fittings are usually hidden from view, plumbing leaks can be notoriously hard to spot. They may continue undetected for long periods of time, which means even small leaks can have serious consequences. As a result, the best way to safeguard your home or business is to schedule regular maintenance and plumbing inspections. Nonetheless, there are a few key warning signs that can tip you off to a potential leak within your system. These include:

  • Abnormally high and increasing water bills
  • Damp, musty odors that won’t go away
  • Water stains on the ceiling, walls or floor
  • Peeling and blistering of paint or wallpaper
  • Poor or fluctuating water pressure
  • Hissing, gurgling or rattling sounds

Rapid Leak Detection and Repair

If you suspect your plumbing system may have sprung a leak, time is of the essence. The longer you wait for repairs, the worse the damage will likely be. Luckily, you’ve got the local experts at West Texas Plumbing on your side.

With one phone call, you can have one of our trained and licensed plumbers at your door within two hours. We can accurately pinpoint and repair all types of issues, including leaky fixtures, damaged pipes, loose fittings, slab leaks, and more. With our advanced video inspection cameras and other minimally invasive tools, we excel at tracking down the most challenging and inaccessible leaks.

Tried-and-True Plumbing Services in Midland, TX

While we pride ourselves on getting things done quickly, quality is always our primary focus. Whether we’re fixing a dripping faucet or replacing pipes in a commercial office building, we maintain strict workmanship standards. We even offer a one-year warranty on parts and labor, ensuring you can have total confidence in our work.

Of course, we know that quality means nothing without great customer service. When you call West Texas Plumbing, you’ll be connected with qualified professionals who put your interests first. We carefully assess your needs and work together to find sensible solutions at clear and competitive prices. There are no hidden fees and no aggressive sales pitches, so you only pay for exactly what you need.

If you have leaky plumbing in your Midland, TX, home or business, there’s not a moment to waste. Give West Texas Plumbing a call right away for timely leak detection and 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

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