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4 Habits That Damage Your Home’s Plumbing

When we turn on a faucet, we expect clean water to flow and expect wastewater to flow unimpeded into sewers or septic systems. Yet we notice if taps trickle, drains back up, toilets do not flush, or water pools around appliances. Plumbing systems are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, they often malfunction because of our habits. Here, we discuss four common habits that can block pipes, affect drainage, or damage the system.

Neglecting Maintenance

Maintaining your plumbing system is just as important as maintaining your car. A small leak can cause extensive damage to flooring, walls, and furniture. A drop in water pressure can indicate a blocked or broken pipe. Mineral buildup in water heaters affects water pressure, color, and temperature. If you notice a problem, call a professional for diagnosis and repairs. Repairing a minor problem can prevent a bigger problem from occurring later.


Landscaping adds curb appeal to your property. Trees and bushes provide shade and help purify the air around your home. However, trees, bushes and other vegetation can damage your plumbing system. Trees grow extensive root networks below ground that can damage buried pipes and conduits. A drop in water pressure, wastewater blockages, water pooling in the yard, or silt in your water can indicate cracked or blocked pipes.

Flushing Debris Down the Toilet

Sewage systems are made to handle human waste and toilet tissue. You should never flush other waste down the toilet. Hair, dust, pet droppings, or other waste, including wet wipes, can block pipes or damage the system. Although some wet wipe brands claim they are flushable, they can cause clogs. Wet wipes usually contain synthetic materials that do not break down quickly and can damage sewer systems and wastewater treatment equipment.

Pouring Oil Down the Drain

Although cooking oil and other lubricants are liquid when we use them, they solidify in water. Pouring cooking oil down the drain can clog pipes and cause wastewater to back up. Instead, pour used oil into a well-sealed container and recycle it or throw it into the trash.

West Texas Plumbing serves communities throughout West Texas, including Midland, Andrews, and Odessa. Our plumbing services include new system installations, repairs, and maintenance. We are available 24/7 and guarantee a two-hour response time for emergency calls. If your plumbing system is not working properly, call the West Texas plumbing service experts for residential and commercial service today.

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